12 Home Remodeling Details that are Often Overlooked

The devil is in the details. We’ve all heard that phrase, and we understand all too well that it simply means details are important. They may be irritating and difficult to keep in consideration or to get perfect, but they are extremely important to every home improvement project. So let’s take a look at 12 home remodeling details that are often overlooked, but we believe should receive equal attention. You may even want to consider making room in the remodeling budget so you can splurge on these small detail items.

  1. Vent Covers – Why stick with the standard metal or wood vent covers when you can spend just a few dollars more and personalize the vents?
  2. Light Switches and Electrical Outlet covers – The standard outlet cover and light switch cover are white. Plain. Boring. White. Standard can look pretty amazing if it helps accent the room, but consider using a color or design that adds something to the overall appeal of each room.
  3. Light Fixtures – Your local hardware or home improvement store probably has a pretty nice selection of lighting fixtures. They may range from a $10 fixture that mounts directly to the wall to a $500 chandelier that would look amazing in the dining room or foyer. Spend the time to shop online and search for light fixtures that really add to the room.
  4. Base Trim – Base trim provides a more finished look to the area where the flooring material meets the wall. Even a small strip of trim looks better and more finished than no trim at all.
  5. Crown Molding – Crown molding provides the same finished look to the area where the wall meets the ceiling. Low ceilings don’t always benefit from crown molding, so keep that in mind when considering installing crown molding.
  6. Kitchen Hardware – Cabinet door knobs, hinges, and drawer pulls add a lot to the kitchen’s overall appearance. Choose hardware that you love and that improves on the appearance of your kitchen. Some kitchen cabinets look pretty amazing without hardware at all, so it’s ultimately your decision.
  7. Kitchen Lighting – The positioning of kitchen lighting needs to be very well thought-out. Consider adding a strip of LED lights under the cabinets for additional task lighting or above the cabinets to add height to the room.
  8. Interior Door Hardware – Interior doors are extremely important considerations when you’re looking to add detail and intrigue to your home. Consider installing glass French doors that lead to the den or office, and look at personalized doorknobs or decorative knobs for all interior doors.
  9. Shower Curtain Rods – This may not seem like a big improvement, but you’ll be impressed with the difference it makes in your home. Install a nice looking curved metal curtain rod instead of the standard hard plastic straight rod. The additional room in the shower will be nice and the overall appearance will catch your attention every time you go into the bathroom.
  10. Caulk – Something so small can make such a big difference where finishing touches are concerned. Create a more finished appearance where the countertop meets the wall or backsplash, where cabinets meet the wall, and many other areas throughout the home.
  11. Door and Window Trim – Any type of trim work adds something to the appearance of a room. You may even choose to forego trim work altogether for a very sleek, clean appearance around windows.
  12. Customization and Personalization – Take every possible opportunity to customize or personalize various parts of your home. Everything will likely be a little more expensive than you can buy it at your local hardware, but you won’t regret it in the long run.

Long Island is full of incredible homes that just need a little care and attention to details. We put as much effort into the finishing touches as we do the overall design and build-out of your remodeling project. Incredible Home Improvements is dedicated to providing the best remodeling experience you can buy. Give us a call at 631-608-3375 to discuss your remodeling project and get the ball rolling.

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