Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Transform Your Bathroom from Floor to Ceiling

Bathroom remodeling projects can get very complex very quickly. I love a challenging bathroom remodeling project, though. They keep me on my toes and make me think more about what exactly it is that the homeowner wants in the finished project. Let’s look at a few great ideas to transform your old bathroom from bottom to top.

Bathroom Flooring

Flooring options for the bathroom vary greatly, but the first thing I want to mention is heat. Give serious thought to radiant heat flooring for your bathroom, because it truly makes the bathroom feel luxurious. Tile and other hard types of flooring get very cold during the winter and most are pretty cool during the summer as well. Radiant heat flooring takes care of that, and eliminates the need for rugs that can become a trip and fall hazard.

Your options for bathroom flooring range from tile to vinyl, to stone to marble. You’re really only limited by your tastes and your budget. Choose a flooring material that will stand up to all your family can throw at it over time. Keep in mind that ceramic tile is prone to breakage in high traffic areas.

Bathroom Walls

The bathroom walls are generally painted drywall or tile. We have other options as well, and we can discuss those during the consultation. I always recommend using paint that is easy to clean and mold and mildew resistant in an area that collects moisture on a regular basis.

Bathroom Furnishings

The furnishings you choose for your bathroom are what give it both style and functionality, so we really need to take our time here.

  • A low-flow toilet will help you save water, and most models are very stylish.
  • The vanity should have ample space for washing your hands with an easy-on faucet for ease of use. The cabinet itself needs to reflect your sense of style, and the countertop needs to complement and contrast other parts of the bathroom.
  • The tub needs to be large enough to be comfortable and nice enough to be a focal point in the room.
  • The shower needs to be roomy and offer as many special features as possible.
  • Other shelving and storage must complement the overall design and style of the bathroom. This is where your bathroom decor and other items will sit.

Bathroom Ceiling

The bathroom ceiling is generally painted drywall. I recommend stepping outside the norm and going for something incredible, like exposed beams, decorative trim, or mirrors. The ceiling shouldn’t be overlooked or considered plain simply because that’s how we’ve done things for decades.

Some of the top trends in bathroom remodeling include:

  • Mixed Patterns
  • Frameless Showers
  • Standalone Tubs
  • Hidden Storage
  • Variety in Decor

Bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to be stressful. Give me a call at 631-608-3375 and we’ll schedule an appointment for a consultation. Do me a favor in the meantime though, and collect several pictures of elements of your dream bathroom. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each picture while we plan your new bathroom and schedule a date to get started.

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