Compare Roofing Materials to Choose the Best for Heavy Storm Activity

Roofing materials vary from home to home, even here on Long Island. We work with homeowners who love the appearance of a tin roof, those who prefer an asphalt shingle roof, and others who prefer other materials. We can use many different roofing materials here on the eastern coast of New York, and we truly […]

Maintain Your Curb Appeal Year after Year with the Perfect Siding for Your Home

Curb appeal. Those two little words don’t carry much meaning before we become homeowners, but mean so much after we sign those mortgage papers. I feel like I’m constantly working on my home in order to keep it looking good. We should all strive to make our home look amazing as a symbol of our […]

Roofing and Siding Storm Damage Repair in Long Island

We made it most of the winter season without any major storms, but at the end of February we were hit with a storm that produced flooding, power outages, and damage to area homes. I’ve seen a lot of different kind of damage during that week and throughout the years. I’m a homeowner as well and […]

How to Choose Roofing Materials for Your Home after a Storm

Storm damage can be truly relentless. New York’s coastal areas are at risk of thunderstorms and hurricanes from spring through fall, and winter storms during the winter months. Our homes have to be properly prepared at all times in order to maintain structural strength and safety. The roof and siding usually take the most damage […]

How do you know when an asphalt shingle roof needs replacement?

Most people don’t give their roofs condition much thought until there has been a security breach and water is dripping inside their home.  Don’t be the person caught off guard, be prepared.  Here are some tips to help you identify a potential roofing issue. 1 – Sounds kind of obvious, but check for missing shingles.  Although the previous roofing contractor […]