The Incredible Home Improvements Guide to Choosing Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom remodeling is a very exciting process. It can also be frustrating and somewhat overwhelming, and that’s okay, too. It’s often difficult to make all the tough decisions regarding material choices, fixtures and storage. A bathroom does have limited space, after all. Let’s look at several key areas of the bathroom and specific pieces of furniture that you should never be without.

Toilet: Choose a toilet that sits at chair height for optimal comfort. Also look for a toilet that uses water saving technology. Quiet flush is a plus as well. If you want one that talks to you…well they have that too!

Sink: The sink and faucet should reflect your individual style and act as a focus point for the bathroom. You can really do a lot to spruce up the bathroom simply by choosing a sink and faucet that will remain stylish for years to come. Stay away from current fads and stick with something that adds a timeless beauty to your bathroom.

Tub: A standalone tub with freestanding plumbing fixtures is a very unique way to add intrigue to your new bathroom. Choose materials that create the overall atmosphere you’re trying to achieve. Standalone tubs aren’t everyone’s personal choice, so if you prefer a skirted tub, make it something amazing. A slide in alcove tub is probably the most common. There are different materials to choose from as well, each with their individual pros and cons. Some of these choices will include cast iron, steel or fiberglass.

Shower: Tile showers are imperative when designing a bathroom. It’s a way to make your personal statement and a place where all the design elements are usually focused and come together. I advise to stay away from prefabricated showers, unless you’re looking to have your bathroom resemble a cheap apartment rental. They are over priced and cheap. Stick with tile or other natural stone. Consider a steam shower if you’re going for more of a spa-like atmosphere.

Shower Pans: There are several options to choose from when it comes to your shower pan fixture.  There are preformed acrylic pans, which are economical and quick to install.  They come in a variety of colors, white being the most common but are limited to select sizes. Another way to go is by having a custom shower pan installed.  These are more expensive but are made up for in beauty.  Your design options are endless and really help to bring the whole shower together.  Curbless showers allow you to walk easily and safely through the bathroom and into the shower. These are extremely useful when you’re older or if you have mobility issues.

Bathroom Storage: Storage is extremely important in the bathroom. You need space to store all toiletries, extra toilet paper, hair supplies, makeup, and many other odds and ends. Consider a medicine cabinet with storage, a vanity with storage, or even built-in storage if you have space. A small closet is a wonderful idea, but it’s okay if you don’t have the space; go for floating shelving instead, and make sure to take advantage of all vertical storage areas.

Long Island is full of incredible homes that just need a little care and attention to details, or maybe a little remodeling here or there. I put as much effort into the finishing touches as I do the overall design and build aspect of your bathroom remodeling project. My crew here at Incredible Home Improvements is dedicated to providing the best remodeling experience you can buy. Give me a call at 631-608-3375 to discuss your bathroom ideas and get the ball rolling.

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