The Kitchen Remodeling Guide that Won’t Leave You Feeling Burned

Kitchen design and remodeling is very exciting… and sometimes frustrating. I’ve heard of many kitchen remodeling nightmares on Long Island throughout the years. I’ve also repaired the mistakes made by would-be remodeling companies. My goal is to create a kitchen you love so you can truly enjoy your time spent there. I know that today’s homeowner enjoys entertaining in the kitchen, so I want you to have the kitchen of your dreams. Here are a few ideas to help achieve that goal.

Ask Around: Ask your friends and family what they love about their kitchens. We all have at least one friend with a marble countertop, or a quartz countertop; ask them what they love and hate about the material. Discuss specific appliance types, flooring materials, lighting, and other important parts of the kitchen. Your friends and family have no reason to be candid, they will usually open up and honestly tell you what they like or dislike about everything.

Plan Your Layout: Do you want a box-shaped kitchen? An L-shaped kitchen? A larger or smaller kitchen? Where is your ideal spot for the sink? How many cabinets do you want? What is your storage going to consist of? Collect images from around the web and in magazines so you can effectively show us what you want.

Splurge where Possible: We all know that kitchen remodeling isn’t cheap; it shouldn’t be. This is the hub of excitement in your home. The newly designed kitchen has to meet all of the needs of everyone in your household after all is said and done. Make sure you budget enough to splurge on the really important parts. Consider your budget carefully and know where you can conserve funds if needed.

Avoid Common Mistakes: Some of the most common mistakes include issues that can be cleared up with effective communication. Discuss everything in great detail, and if you’re not sure about something, ask. I always want you to feel comfortable with all aspects of the project. I don’t mind answering questions along the way. I do ask that you make sure you’re okay with material choices before we reach the critical point of working with them. Reordering something because you don’t like the color or material may put unnecessary strain on the project.

Make the Most of Storage Areas: Everyone knows that storage is a huge part of kitchen design. We need to create storage areas that work with your individual cooking style as well as for dishes, pots, pans and appliances that you possess. Your new kitchen needs to cater to your needs, not the needs of someone else.

Give us a call at 631-608-3375 if you’d like to get started planning your new kitchen. We will schedule an appointment to discuss your ideas and your goals. Together we will examine your existing kitchen and collaborate to create your perfect kitchen space. Then we can get the ball rolling…

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