10 Kitchen Remodeling Tips that Will Save Time and Money

As a homeowner myself, I’ve had to remodel my own kitchen as my family grows. I’ve also been involved in many kitchen remodeling projects over the years. I’ve made several mental notes and learned a lot about what homeowners want vs. what they think they want. Let’s look at the top 10 kitchen remodeling tips that will save time and money on your next project.

Keep it Roomy: No one likes a cramped kitchen. More space is the number one reason people give when we start talking about remodeling. We need more countertop space, more room to walk from area to area, more cabinetry, etc… are all very popular reasons to remodel and all revolve around the need for more space.
Give the Island Functionality: We’ve worked with homeowners who insist that the island is only there for added countertop space and cabinetry with no additional functionality. This is never a good idea. The island should always add something to the functionality of the entire room.

Streamline the Island: The kitchen island is still a popular way to add a great deal of functionality to the kitchen. It adds countertop space in addition to storage and other functional items based on the overall design. Make sure there is ample space on every side of the island for comfortable movement from area to area.

Use Furnishings to Direct Traffic: Position the range so that children won’t hit knobs and handles on their way through. Place the refrigerator in an area where it will be easily accessible to people walking through the room as well as the person who is currently cooking. Place seating on the opposite side of the island from the range.

Include Landing Space: The area on each side of the range should be at least 15 inches. This provides a good amount of room to prepare pots and pans before they go onto the stove or into the oven. It also allows you to pull things off of the stovetop if they get too hot or for any other reason while you’re preparing food.

Eliminate Wasted Space: Corner cabinets such as the lazy Susan became popular in the late 1980s because they allow you to reach those back corners without climbing or reaching too far.

Built-in Microwave Cabinet: Most of us search and use trial and error to find the right spot on the countertop for the microwave. Some homeowners choose to mount it over the range, which is a feasible option, but not the best option for ventilation. Design the cabinetry to include a specific area for the microwave.
Watch Doors and Corners: Cabinet doors have a way of creating problems if they don’t open facing the correct direction. They can clash with corners, hit each other, or knock appliances off the countertop. Make sure all doors open easily without incident.

Create an Elaborate Butler’s Pantry: The idea of a butler’s pantry confuses some of today’s homeowners, but it’s quite possibly the best way to organize your kitchen and keep it looking amazing. The butler’s pantry is a separate staging area where you can prepare food for the final presentation or simply an area where you can use the food processor, blender, and mixer without having to immediately follow up with cleaning. Add an oversized sink for large items including the food processor, crock pot, and blender.

Add a Pot filler: I never realized how useful a pot filler would be until we started installing them in newly redesigned kitchens. A lot of dishes require additional water while they’re cooking, and carrying a heavy pot from the stove to the sink puts you at risk for steam burns or other injuries. A pot filler allows you to add more water without moving the pot or pan.

Give me a call at 631-608-3375 to discuss remodeling your kitchen. Let me know what you think about the ideas here and share your ideas with me. We’ll schedule an appointment for an onsite consultation to work out all of the details.

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