How to Survive Your Kitchen Remodeling Project Like a Pro

The decision to remodel the kitchen isn’t one that most homeowners make lightly. You don’t simply wake up one morning and say, “I think I’ll tear my home apart and rebuild it today.” It’s a process almost as intense as building a custom home, because you have the opportunity to strip your kitchen down to the bare studs and rebuild the entire thing. I’ve put together a guide of sorts that will help you survive your kitchen remodeling project without losing your sanity in the process.
Explain the Process: Make sure everyone in the family knows that the remodeling process will take time. Sometimes it takes several days, other times it may take several weeks; it all depends on what you’re changing and how many people need to be involved. Simple remodeling projects that don’t require the involvement of a plumber or electrician often go more quickly. Projects that require movement or additional installation of plumbing or electrical systems often take more time. Everyone in your household needs to understand that they will not have access to the kitchen during the process.
Set up a Temporary Kitchen: Create an area in your home to use as a temporary kitchen. This may be the dining room or even your living room. Set up a table that can act as a temporary countertop for the coffee maker, toaster, and microwave. Purchase a mini fridge and keep it stocked as much as possible.
Snack More: Allow more snack foods. This is a stressful time; everyone should have access to their favorite comfort foods. I don’t recommend developing poor eating habits during this time, but the occasional snack food can help ease the transition.
Eat Out More: Again, I don’t want to see your family become unhealthy, but it’s okay to eat out occasionally. Choose healthy options if you’re normally a health-oriented household.
Visit Family or Friends: Family and friends are wonderful during a kitchen remodeling project! They are excited for you, they want to see your plans and hear about how the renovation is going. Share your information and thoughts over dinner. At their place.
Give me a call personally at (516) 319-5686 if you’d like to discuss remodeling your kitchen with me. I’ve built my reputation on dedicated personal interaction and quality workmanship. I will help you design the kitchen you deserve, and I’ll work with you to create the kitchen that you’ve only dreamt of for so long.

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