Remodeling and Home Design
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Remodeling and Home Design
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Imagine you could know what your remodeling project will look like when it's completed before work even begins.  With our 3D design service, you will be able to visualize your ideas before committing to them.  Having a complete 3d model helps in a variety of ways. From design choices to room layout decisions, in the end it will save you both time and money.
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Kitchen Floor Plan
Floor Plan
Constructing a floor plan is a great way to organize rooms and create a natural fluidity throughout the house.  If you knock down a wall in your Dining room remodel, you will see how it may affect your adjacent kitchen.
Or, if you would like to remove a wall for a garage conversion, just how big will the new room be?  With an overhead floorplan, it's easier to see and make these decisions before committing to them!
Alternate Views
Blueprint View
View your remodel project in a variety of different ways.  This helps to get a sense of item placement as well as a better understanding of size and space.

Choose from 1000's of items for your remodel project

It also helps to get a sense of scale as we can place everyday items in the floor plan, from Flat screens t.v. in your Den remodel to the the double oven in your kitchen remodel.  Now you will really see how that treadmill eats up your corner in your new basement remodel!
Dollhouse View
Dollhouse View

Dollhouse View of 1st Floor Remodel

Dollhouse View
Dollhouse view is similiar to the floorplan view by offering an overhead layout of your remodel project.  But with this rendering, you get an added sense of space as you look upon a 3/4 version of your project.
Colorful too!
3D Design

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