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Remodeling and Home Design
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Basement Remodel
By Remodeling your basement, you are adding extremely valuable benefits to your home AND to your quality of living!  Think about it.  You are adding Space, Value, Comfort, Flexibility, Order and so much more.
SPACE - Big, spacious rooms enhanced with plenty of lighting will provide an inviting experience, no matter what the purpose of your basement remodel my be.

VALUE - Remodeling your basement into a finished area yields some of the highest return on investment on any home remodeling project.  National average for a remodeled basement is about 75%.

COMFORT - With the proper steps taken, a basement turns into a great place to escape the elements.  In the summer, it's naturally cooler than the rest of the house and in the winter, once properly insulated, is warmer!

FLEXIBILITY - With a basement remodel, you can add almost anything you can imagine.  Being on a completely different level, it doesn't have to be cohesive to the rest of your home.  If you want purple walls, GO FOR IT!!

ORDER - Face it, with an unfinished basement, your attention to order is not as focused as it should be.  Items lay strewn about all over the floor, holiday boxes stacked! With proper closets and shelving, your clutter will
come to an end.
At Incredible Home Improvements, we take the time to listen and to go over all of your needs.  We listen to what YOU want and need, making sure to maximize what you seek out of your basement remodel.  

With equal part suggestion and listening, you can rest assured your basement remodel will be something that YOU are very much a part of.  We will help guide you through the entire process, from concept and design to planning and executing. 
"...John has worked on more major projects which include gut renovating our basement, kitchen, and main bathroom. John was very easy to work with and was willing to work with our ideas along with providing helpful feedback of his own."
                                               - VPENN
Basement Remodel Ideas:
1 - Office
2 - Gym
3 - Guest Room
4 - Childrens Playroom
6 - Home Theater
7 - Wine Cellar
8 - Finished Closets
9 - Music Studio

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