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Remodeling and Home Design
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100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  Quality Craftsmanship Guarantee
We guarantee that your home improvement project will be done with the highest levels of craftsmanship possible.  Our entire team is dedicated to ensuring Master Workmanship through every aspect and every  detail.

Quality Product Guarantee
We use only name brand, high quality products that are made by reputable companies that guarantee they meet or exceed industry standards and guidelines. 

Complete Satisfaction Guarantee
We set the expectations high because we know what we can do.  We take great pride in guaranteeing that you will be completely satisfied with your home remodel project.
Just like a Rockstar is nothing without their fans, Incredible Home Improvements is nothing without it's loyal customers.  We keep them loyal through the way we treat them, their homes and their remodel projects.
Remember 99% of our customers are referral based, we not only want, but need our customers to be completely satisfied so that when we leave they will tell their friends, family & neighbors about our extraordinary service.
                                                MY Promise to You

- We WILL be respectful to you, your family and your property. 

- We WILL provide you with the best craftsmanship, without
cutting any corners.

- We WILL be on time everyday of your remodel project.

- We WILL be in contact and able to communicate with at all times.

- We WILL promote & provide you with quality brand name products that fit your budget.

- We WILL minimize any disruption to your lifestyle during the course of the remodel project.

- We WILL maintain our guidelines for a safe work environment for both your family and our workers.

- We WILL focus on YOUR job from start to finish, working efficiently and creating a smooth transition from one phase to the next.

- We WILL work in a timely manner. 

- We WILL keep you informed on the status of your project, discuss any changes that may have to be made.

-We WILL  provide you with a warranty so the length of our service reaches beyond the completion of the job.

- We WILL include YOU in your remodel project at all times.  This is your dream, your project & we will guide you every step of the way.
Why do we implement and abide by such a demanding 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee?

-  A guarantee helps to focus on customers.
Knowing what customers want is essential to offering a service guarantee. A company that wants to guarantee its service, but lacks this knowledge, may very well guarantee the wrong things.

-  A guarantee sets clear standards.
A specific service guarantee sets standards for your organization. It tells employees what the company stands for, and it forces the company to define each employee's role and responsibilities in delivering the service. This clarity and sense of identity have the added advantage of creating employee team spirit and pride. A guarantee is far more than a simple piece of paper that puts customers at ease. It sets the tone, externally and, perhaps more importantly, internally, for your commitment to your customers and workers.

-  A guarantee generates feedback.
A guarantee creates the goal; it defines what you must do to satisfy your customers. Next, you need to know when you go wrong. A guarantee forces you to create a system for discovering errors. (The Japanese call errors "golden nuggets" because they are opportunities to learn).