Remodeling and Home Design
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Remodeling and Home Design
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- Increased Curb Appeal     - Preventive Maintenance
- Energy Efficiency               - Home Security
Incredible Home Improvements can take care of all your of exterior remodeling services.  We can redesign the outside of your Long Island home with creative solutions customized for you in any style.  We will help educate and provide you with the proper services to help you obtain your goal.  Our Exterior Siding Services Include:
Increased Curb Appeal
There are many reasons why people improve their homes exterior.  The most prominent reason is to increase the curb appeal.   The first impression anyone has of your home is from the outside.  Improving your home will instantly increase it's value and if you're looking to sell eventually, exterior condition is one of the most critical factors of a sale. Whether you are looking to sell your house or to simply add more charm to your home, our exterior remodeling services can provide everything you need.
Preventive Maintenance
By performing regular inspections of your homes exterior, you will help to keep your house in good condition and maintain its value.  Doing maintenance and repair as the need arises also keeps small problems from becoming larger, more costly problems.  Many of today's new exterior products are maintenance friendly with increased durability and designed for easy cleaning.  A well-maintained house will be more respected, comfortable and enjoyable. 
Energy Efficiency
When remodeling your homes exterior, you will upgrading with new materials that are more energy efficient.  Breathable house wrap or new rigid foam insulation behind siding are great products to consider.  Of course new energy efficient doors and windows can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the course of one year on your utility bill.   Newer roofing and siding products are designed to keep water out while still allowing moisture vapor to escape increasing your homes efficiency.
Home Security
Increased security can be found when remodeling your doors and windows in your home.  Nothing adds a sense of security like a new steel door, outperforming wooden doors 7 to 1.   They are a less expensive than wood doors as well.  While upgrading your windows, seek double pane glass.  The Low - E gas in between the glass panes acts as a shock absorber making them much harder to break.  Also, newer hardware with increased sturdiness helps to keep out intruders.
Exterior Siding Installation
There is little else that you can do to your home that transforms it as much as new exterior siding.
Whether you are looking for vinyl siding, stone veneer or exterior trim work, all add an immense amount of curb appeal and value to your home.
There are many options for your homes exterior siding.  Vinyl siding is economical and easy to maintain while stone veneer is more costly but luxurious.  Both products have an abundance of options and the combinations together are almost endless.
Vinyl Siding
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House Wrap
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